Born in the fish, found to the cow 

Like the primordial mother of all living beings, the cow appears in every painting. Fredi Gertsch brings colours into harmony, using different techniques that produce a vibrating scene.
He draws from legends, myths and fairy tales, songs and films, from current affairs, the past and everyday life.
Fredi is pleased when his art touches - be it the colour composition, the symbolic content, the profound, the wit orif his painting matches the current mood.  Humour and positive feelings are essential to Fredi; the smiles of the viewer or the joy of the gallery's visitors is the desired award for him.
​He appreciates the fact that his paintings found their lovers from the very beginning and that almost everyone is sold out.  Many of his paintings have travelled around the world, they hang in Singapore and Zurich, New York, Texas, Berne, Munich and Berlin, in Sydney, Oslo, Hamburg and Salzburg, from Gstaad to Helsinki and Los Angeles.​

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