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I draw my ideas from legends, songs, films, current affairs, the past, everyday life. The cow appears in every work. I am happy when my art touches people: through the symbolic content, the color composition and the humor. The smile of the viewer and the joy of the gallery visitors are important to me. I am grateful that my pictures found their lovers right from the start. Many have traveled the world – Kuhle Bilder® hang in Singapore and Zurich, New York, Texas, Bern, Munich and Berlin, in Sydney, Oslo, Hamburg and Salzburg, from Gstaad to Helsinki, from Los Angeles to Zhu Hai.


I never get bored, daydreaming I fantasize about the ideal world – colourful, happy and everything right. Phases of dreaminess can be both a source of energy and a place of lightness for everyone. The best ideas come to us when we are not consciously thinking. My art reinforces the motivation and the conviction to do the right thing: it accompanies the departure to new shores.

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